Old Photos

Hi there! Welcome on my Amsterdam website. My name is Leon (@rvdns on Instagram) and I’m the founder of @AmsterdamCentraal. On this website I sell some unique prints from old photo’s and engravings of our beautiful city. These prints were published in 1968📸. The old photo’s are €12,50, excluded shipping costs. All the print sizes are 30cm x 40cm.
Interested? Please send me a DM message to my Instagram page @AmsterdamCentraal or E-mail to info@leon.amsterdam.

Dam Square, seen to the south (c. 1960) – €12,50
At the extreme right part of the Palace. On the right-hand corner of the Kalverstraat ‘De Groote Club’, built in 1870-72, rebuilt in 1912-14. The other houses seen on the print were pulled down in 1914-17 when the present Peek & Cloppenburg building took their place.

The Binnen-Amstel seen from the Muntplein. – €12,50

At the left the inn Het Rondeel (the Bastion); at this spot the Hotel de l’Europe was built in 1896 after the plans of the architect W. Hamer. In the background the Halvemaansbrug.

The Montalban’s Tower – €12,50
The Montalban’s Tower (built in 1512) on the Oude Schans in the eighteenh century. The bridge in the background (the ‘Frog Leg Brigde’) was rebuilt into its present form in 1942.


The Westerkerk (Western Church) seen from the Keizersgracht. – €12,50
In front of the church the Meat Market was to be found, after 1808 used as the Municipal Weight-House, the Weigh-House on the Dam being demolished in that year (cf. pp 56-57). It was pulled down in 1857 owing totdelapidation, thought strong protests were voiced to prevent its demolition.

The end of the Overtoom around 1650. – €12,50
As the water levels showed a considerable difference, no lock connected the two canals. Small barges bound for Sloten where histed across the duke separating them. At legt in the background the ancient Ferry House, recently restored.


The Outer Amstel – €12,50
The Outer Amstel with view on the city (1968).


The Muiderpoort (Muiden Gate) – €12,50
Built in 1771 by the City Architect Cornelis Rauws. It is the second gate on the spot: the first one, built in 1663 by Gerrit Barendsz. Swanenburg, tumbled down in 1769, together with part of the wall next to it.

Amsterdam Central Station (c. 1960) – €12,50

The Singel seen from the bridge before the Haarlemmerstraat.
At left dome of the New Lutheran Church; in the background the Jan Roodenpoortstoren that was situated on the Torensluis (cf. pp. 52-53). This tower was demolished in 1829.

The Flowermarket and Pipe market (now Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal) seeing to the back of the City Hall (now palace). – €14,50
The water was filled up in 1883-1884. The Bridge in the foreground was called Weessluis (Orphans’ Bridge) after the Orphanage nearby and connected St. Luciensteeg and Rosmarijnsteeg.